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Project Description
CryptoInator was developed when the Danish government decided that Denmark should have a single login solution (NemID). The solution was based on a cardboard card with a series of one-time codes. Since I did not want to walk around with a paperboard cards, I decided to make this solution is a self-contained, self-encrypting, self-decrypting and self-viewing executable image viewer.

The program can either download images from a WIA scanner or from a file. If you open eg c:\images\nemid.jpg the program will create c:\images\nemid.exe which will include both program and image. If you open the image from a scanner, the program will overwrite itself.

The image is encryptet using AES-256 bit encryption.

You can zoom the picture with scroll-wheeler on the mouse by holding down the Control key.

Creating a new self-contained image:


Opening an existing image:

Opening an existing image

Viewing the image:


Credits go to: 
Oxygen Team for the ICON
Anthony Trudeau for the WIA scanning code 
Phira for the password quality meter 
boogerjones for the Encryption part
Heinz Doofenshmirtz for the Inator part.

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